Perhatian..!!!! Sebaiknya menggunakan Email Gmail untuk mendaftar,untuk ke amanan,dan sebaiknya gmailnya di amankan dengan 2 verifikasi pakai no hp,Kalau yang sudah daftar dengan selain Gmail..nanti bisa di ganti di member area jbp bagian profil..1 PC,1 Modem hanya untuk 1 ID..


I have been with JustBeenPaid! since it launched in early 2010, which proved to be very successful. But now in these last 4 short months JSS-Tripler has proven to be my best income earner compared to all the other programs I have joined in the previous 4 years! As a fulltime online marketer it is rare to find a program where the aims of the business are spelt out from the very beginning which has not only given me the confidence myself to invest but also the confidence to introduce JSS-Tripler to others... thank you Frederick! -- Alan Chapman
(Frederick Mann is the main designer of JustBeenPaid! (JBP) and JSS-Tripler.)

My family and friends didn't believe in me when I joined JSS-Tripler, but now I have gained the respect of them all. Thanks to JSS-Tripler I am making more money than I ever did on the Internet with all other programs put together.Thanks JSS! -- Kirk Beall

I didn't get serious about JSS-Tripler until May 25th! Thanks to my very helpful sponsor (Randy P.), I got more and more into to it! I've made over $2,000 since then; between JBP and JSS-Tripler. This is the greatest thing since sliced bread! Thanks. -- Rich

Thanks for the opportunity, excellent! I started with JBP at first, a while back. Made much more than I spent with that "mother program." Much later I was reintroduced to the JSS programs. Luckily JSS-Tripler caught my attention soon after it started. Starting with very little -- $20 -- and adding as I could, maybe a total of $80, with a 2% daily earnings, I'm now well on my way to $1,000 at 2% a day. Daily compounding; recommended... of course. Highest recommendation! -- Michael Dietrich
I Joined JSS-Tripler in February and now I'm banking almost $800 a week. Let me tell you, it feels real good to at last have an online business that I can call a real business. There is nothing difficult about it. If it was, I wouldn't be earning what I am, and it is increasing weekly.

Thanks Fredrick for this opportunity, please believe me when I say my family are very appreciative of it as well. if there's one person on the Internet that I would like to shake hands with and buy a beer it's Fredrick Mann. He's a genius with the heart of a lion. He wasn't afraid to get out there and put his ideas into practice even though it could have cost him big time. He makes us ordinary Internet marketers feel like professionals with the money we are making. Yes I'm very thankful for the likes of Fredrick Mann. -- John Bass. Australia
It's not very often an online program comes around that lives up to its expectations, hype, and promises. JSS-Tripler has not only afforded me the opportunity to earn a huge return on my investment, it is allowing me to seriously consider retiring from my job later on this year! The JBP program, though a little complicated to grasp at first, is one of the most brilliant designs I have seen in the eight years I've been investing online. It contains over eight different ways to make an income, and JSS-Tripler is by far the easiest moneymaker I've encountered! The Admin team of Frederick, Carl, and the rest behind the scenes are the most responsive and professional team I have ever worked with. Every problem (there haven't been many) has been dealt with swiftly, properly, and in a manner that the other Admins on the Net could learn from! Having now invested in programs with Frederick over the past 5 years, I am able to invest in JSS-Tripler and the other programs with confidence, that my money is safe, secure, and earning me an income I can trust and count on. I have already made four withdrawals, and each one was handled quickly and smoothly, from JSS to AlertPay to my bank account! I look forward to a brighter financial future because of my relationship with JBP and the people behind it! And I'm looking forward in anticipation of the other facets of this wonderful program that Frederick has yet to introduce! This program only gets better with time! -- Robert Hinrichs, California, USA
JBP has changed our lives! Our car payment is paid for each month after a few months of participating! It doesn't take much time but the benefits are outstanding. We look forward to paying off our credit cards and ultimately retiring off the sustaining payments from JSS Tripler! Hurry and get started now! - Mike & Danna Sexsmith, Wrightwood, CA

The JBP/JSS programs have really given me a clarity to my future I have never had before. As I build my account up over time and with the help of referral commissions, I See the true silver lining that this program offers. Day after day, week after week, you know that you are working towards building a tangible future. Dreams are not just dreams anymore, they become reality. Thank you Frederick Mann, Carl Pearson and all the JBP membership. I have truly developed some amazing friendships as part of the JBP family. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! -- Clayton Masse
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